House for sale with zero commission directly by the owner


 Receiving an offer

Please study the offer that is offered. If necessary, use the services of a notary to understand what is offered.

Check if the offer contains the following elements:

names and addresses of buyers and sellers
exact address of the desired property and lot number;
offer date and address where the signing takes place;
purpose of offer: purchase or exchange;
price offered for the property;
form of payment (e.g. $ 15 000 cash and $ 85 000 in mortgage);
items included in the price of purchase: blinds, furniture, appliances;
date of possession and occupancy of the property;
seller's requirements (e.g. submit a recent certificate of location);
buyer's requirements (e.g. sell the house within a specified period);
vendor declarations (e.g. property free of pyrite);
date designated for the signature and deed at the notary;
time and date of expiration of the bid.

Other requirements possibly listed:

The purchase will take place:

if the mortgage is granted;
if the buyer sells his present home;
if a satisfactory inspection report is delivered to the buyer.

The house must be in same condition as when delivered to the inspection.

However, if the seller made false statements, the purchase will be canceled.

Legal Notice

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