House for sale with zero commission directly by the owner


The notary

Now that you are the owner and you have signed the deed, it is mandatory that the notary records the transfer of ownership to the recording office of the locality.

However, if the seller made false statements, the purchase will be cancelled. It is then that you will receive an invoice covering the cost of your lawyer. These fees depend on the notary's experience, the time devoted to the contract and the number of services performed.

So it is important to negotiate!

Check the list of notaries in your area or contact the Chamber of Notaries of Quebec.

Other miscellaneous expenses after the signature:

Home Insurance: You must provide your financial institution the proof of home insurance equal to or greater than the amount of mortgage.

Electric fees: To ensure that everyone pays their fair share of energy, don't forget to notify Hydro-Québec from the date of the ownership change.

Welcome Tax: An account will be sent by the municipality about six months after the signing of the deed.

Cost of moving;

Catering, decorations;

Different purchases of furniture and accessories;

Connection of telephone, cable and others;

Disbursements for the condominium? buyer? a condominium.