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 Open House


So that visitors are attracted by your house, put the odds in your favor by caring as much of interior and exterior appearance.


Lawn mowed;

Surroundings clean;

Entries cleaned;

Gutters cleared;

The pool water clear;

The proper lighting if the visit takes place at night.


Good ventilation of the house;

Faucets in good shape;

Order and cleanliness in all rooms;

Dustbins emptied;

Adequate temperature and lightning.

A clean and spotless house is a key asset for visitors.

The visit

When your visitors arrives, receive them with respect and enthusiasm. Make sure that the atmosphere is calm, that visitors are comfortable and have ample time to ask questions and return in some parts as needed.

When the visit is over, put them in confidence by allowing them to call you whenever they feel the need. Then give them a copy of the detail of your home.

Following a visit

When visitors are interested in your property, they require a second visit. Welcome them in a friendly way and answer their questions politely.