House for sale with zero commission directly by the owner


 The search for dream house

Now that you know your needs and you have set the approximate price of the house, now is the time to search the desired house. offers its services to quickly and successfully find homes for sale by owner in the city or region you have chosen. A photo of each house and a full description will allow you to choose according to your tastes and requirements. It is often very profitable to buy directly from the owner without a realtor because the owner knows the benefits and shortcomings of the his house. Thus, it is easier to negotiate the price of the house because there is no commission payable to an agent and it is usually easier to arrange meetings at convenient times , which promotes understanding between seller and buyer.

Visiting houses

Some important things to note and check when you visit:

Foundations: subsidence, cracks

construction quality;

condition of the roof, gutters, brick;

joists, insulation;

Equal floors, damp basement;

water pressure by opening the taps.

A second visit is important when a property is interesting. At this second visit, if the owner agrees, to take some pictures of places can be interesting.