House for sale with zero commission directly by the owner


 Selling your home

You will find here some practical guidelines on the sale of your home. Recommendations are given for you to market your home and to the success of the transaction to the satisfaction of both parties.

Restoring the appeal of your home

Refreshing your home by making it clean and friendly is a good way to sell more quickly. If your house is in good condition, just a good cleaning and a few gallons of paint is necessary to make it attractive

Setting the price

You must set the value of your home. The price must be fair, neither too high nor too low.

By comparing the price of properties recently sold, similar to yours, it will be easier to establish a selling price for your home. Also, you can get information from the municipality and by going to the office of regional registration; you will be able to research selling prices of properties.

Thus, you will establish an average market value of your property. A realistic and affordable prices attracts more buyers, so your house will sell faster. In addition, a house sold without a real estate agent leaves a profit higher to the seller. No commission subject to taxes.

With real estate agent
With Propriosolo
Selling Price 300 000 $ Selling Price 300 000 $
Agent commission 18 000 $ Ad cost 449.95 $
Taxes 2 695.50 $ Taxes 67.38 $
Actual selling price 279 304.50 $ Actual selling price 299 482.67 $
over 20 000$ in savings!!!

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As a seller, because you'll have to negotiate, plan a certain amount in the price for negotiation, which is more popular to buyers than a fixed price.

Remember that some features of your home benefits you: eg nearby services, quality of construction. Stay friendly in negotiation, one would be inclined to act the same way and it will pay off for both sides.