House for sale with zero commission directly by the owner


 Services for sellers

Propriosolo offers all the necessary tools to allow sellers to sell their properties fast and easy. Once you are registered, you can start and create your online property with a few clicks! Upload your property photos and you are done!
Once you activate your property, all internet users will be able to visit your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long.
Propriosolo offer to all sellers a professional yard sign (applicable shipping fees). These signs are the same as the ones real estate agents use. Made of durable weather resistant corrugated plastic. Your property won't be unnoticed and will definitly stand out.

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  Here is a list of services for sellers :
Obtaining a Propriosolo's "FOR SALE" sign of professional quality (applicable shipping fees)
Online access to a system for creating, managing and publishing your property file
Access to a system for downloading and managing your photos online
Receive messages from buyers
Making contact with interested buyers to initiate the transaction
Preparation and modification of a counter-offer access online to required forms